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Adding Medicinal Herbs to your Garden

Incorporating medicinal herbs in your garden provides homegrown empowerment over your health. If you don't already grow herbs, I believe they can add another layer of diversity and sustainability to your existing space by simply tucking them in between your vegetables or in pots if you are worried about spreading. A smart way to get started would be to consider the ways herbs can most enhance your life. Are boo boos a daily occurence in your household? Turn to skin loving plants. Looking to promote wellness for Fall and Winter? Turn to antimicrobial plants. Looking for calming herbal support in these turbulent times? Turn to nervines and adaptogens.

Here is a list of easy to grow plants that offer many medicinal benefits to your home apothecary Herbs for Skin Calendula Comfrey Marshmallow St. John's Wort Yarrow Herbs for Immune Wellness Astragalus Bee Balm Echinacea Elder Rosemary Sage Spilanthes Thyme

Calming Herbs Catnip Chamomile Lavender Lemon Balm St. John's Wort

Skullcap Tulsi

Looking for a cheat sheet on getting started with these plants? I've got you covered!

These are my resources amongst the plethora of information online, including checking out the plant pages from your favorite seed source.

Drop me a line if you have any questions or want to share your success stories!

xx Harmonie


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