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Big Feelings Glycerite

Why is there not a quirky name for the age of three? The twos weren't as terrible as I expected, but the threes are a wild ride. Big emotions and general irrational impulses combined with an awakened mind lead to some difficult moments.

Big feelings not only cause tears, but heavy hearts when littles don't feel grounded. Herbs can support their ability to feel more calmly after a meltdown and as an overall tonic to help soothe the nervous system.

In this preparation, we use gentle herbs suitable for children.

Rose softens the heart when big emotions make them feel unloved and develops confidence through developing a solid sense of self love. It helps cool tempers or inflamed anger.

Lemon Balm aids in focusing attention, including when one is having difficulty controlling emotions or feels overstimulated. It is a nervine that promotes relaxation especially for when a child is under rested.

Catnip calms the nervous system, especially for bedtime, and soothes a tense stomach which is often a side effect from stress.

Chamomile helps one settle down and unwind, especially at bedtime after a long day. Regular use can support calming anxious or worrisome feelings that could lead to meltdowns.

The vehicle we are using to deliver this plant goodness is a glycerite. It is a child's version of a tincture. Instead of alcohol, glycerin is the medium to extract plant constituents.

In my recipe, I simply use a splash of alcohol to aid in a fuller extraction. Essentially, I am applying the intermediary method of infused oils to glycerites though you can skip this step. It is a compromise for those who do not want to serve their children an alcohol based product and/or for children who dislike the intense experience of tinctures and therefore refuse them. The best herbal remedy is the one that is taken!

It tastes sweet and allows the flavors of the herbs to shine through. A simple rose glycerite is perhaps my most favorite herbal preparation.


4 tsp dried rose

3 tsp dried lemon balm

2 tsp dried chamomile

1/2 tsp dried catnip

1-2 tsp vodka

6 tbsp glycerin

2 tbsp distilled water

Blend herbs in a coffee grinder.

Put in a 4oz canning jar. Add vodka 1/2 tsp at a time until damp, but not wet.

Cover and let rest for 24 hours.

Add glycerin and distilled water to the jar. Use a chopstick or knife to blend well.

Infuse for four weeks, shaking every few days.

Strain and rebottle.

N O T E S *Ensure the glycerin you use is organic or non-GMO.

*Stored in the refrigerator, a glycerite can be used for up to a year.

*You can strain your herbs through a mesh sieve lined with an unbleached coffee filter, a French press or potato ricer.

For educational purposes only.

Not intended for medical advice.

Always consult your physician.


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