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Participating in Botanical Anthology

The production of Botanical Anthology unfolds over several months.

Here is what you can expect as a participant.

There is approximately a one week application period. In it, you will provide several possible ideas you would like to explore as a contributor. This helps me to dive into your expertise and creative inspiration. I take 1-2 weeks to review all of the applications, creating a fancy color coded spreadsheet to map out the big picture of the publication.

I send acceptance emails to participants with all the details about how to write your article, photograph your projects and submit your content on our shared Google Drive. If you were not chosen, you will also receive a correspondence.

Contributors have several weeks to create and submit their content. As it rolls in, I begin the editing phase, spending time with each article and its photography. I will make suggestions, ask for edits and collaborate to make it the best possible outcome for both you and the magazine. Please plan to be available in the week or two after submission to make revisions.

Once all edits are complete I begin the graphic design portion of the process...creating the actual magazine! I sit with each piece and its imagery to design the layout in a style that matches the publication's look and feel while highlighting the work. At this point, I may again make additional requests, as needed.

Once the magazine is largely created, you will have a window of time to review your work as it lives inside the publication and provide any feedback or edits.

As launch day approaches, I share ready made marketing content and offer suggestions for how to go about creating your own marketing plan.

Contributors can choose a small stipend or support the 10 day launch period as an affiliate. During that time, we offer a discounted price and a plant bonus booklet with every purchase.

As we look ahead, here are the dates that correspond to each step in contributing to the upcoming editions of Botanical Anthology.


Winter Edition - condensed timing to early release before the holiday rush

Applications open until: 9/17

Projects due: 10/11

Promotions period: 11/27-12/6


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