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Botanical Anthology + Herbal Coffee

The second edition of Botanical Anthology is here! I have spent three months working with 29 other contributors to bring it to life and I've loved every minute of it. Whether you are a budding herbalist or medicinal plant newbie, this plant magazine acts as your herbalism guide for the season ahead.

Learn how to build + use a home apothecary

Forage autumn olives, burdock root + mushrooms

Create your own seasonal body oil, bone broth + coffee

Test your knowledge on fall berries + kitchen spices

Develop rituals + routines for the season ahead

Dye with seeds, draw echinacea + felt acorns

Celebrate Mabon + Samhain with simple observances

This publication is comprised of 6 subsections:







We also have many fun magazine-y features throughout the publication. Check out the product listing to see the full table of contents!

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Now for a sneak peek. Anna began exploring herbalism after receiving her great-grandmother’s herbalism books and hearing stories of her remedies, including herbal coffee.

Roasted Roots: An Herbal Coffee Tradition

Herbal coffee is a tradition that can be found, with a little digging, in many family histories. It was once common practice to replace or mix ground coffee with the roasted roots of plants like dandelion, chicory, and burdock. Not only did these easily-foraged plants make coffee go further, but they also cut some of the bitterness in the flavor. These roots also provided a nutritious and grounding alternative ingredient or replacement for coffee without the unwanted side effects of caffeine. Additional spices can be added to the mix for flavor and further health benefits, as well.

Here is a closer look at some of the ingredients you might add to your own roasted root blend.

Dandelion root

Strong liver, gallbladder, + kidney support

Vitamin + mineral rich

Supports heart + balances blood pressure

Chicory root

Vitamin + mineral rich

Digestion support

Antioxidant rich

Supports liver + stomach

Burdock root

Kidney + liver support

Anti-inflammatory • Antioxidant • Detoxifying

Antibacterial + antifungal • Skin clearing

Blood sugar regulating


Mildly stimulating

Synergizes other herbs

Heart + blood pressure support

Blood sugar regulating


Digestive support • Circulation stimulating

Blood sugar regulating • Analgesic

Antimicrobial + antifungal

Antioxidants • Supports brain health

Warming + drying

Allspice, cardamom, cloves, fennel

Digestive support

Promotes circulation • Immune support

Soothing • warming • uplifting

When cooler autumn days make you long for more cups of cozy hot coffee, consider instead roasting and brewing up this alternative herbal blend. Get creative and formulate your own flavorful blend! Or to get started, here is a simple and tasty recipe to try.


1 part dandelion root

1 part chicory root

1 part burdock root

½ part cinnamon chips

¼ part cacao nibs

¼ part allspice


Preheat oven to 375°.

Spread dandelion, chicory, and burdock roots in a thin layer on a baking sheet. Roast for 10-15 minutes, stirring once or twice to prevent burning. Roast for a shorter time if using a dark or nonstick pan.

Allow to cool.

Mix in cacao nibs, cinnamon chips, and allspice.

Grind in a coffee grinder and brew as you normally brew coffee. Approximately 1 heaping tablespoon of the mixture makes 1 strong cup of herbal coffee.


Opt for a coarser grind if brewing with a French press.

If using pre-roasted chicory root, add it when mixing in cacao, cinnamon, and allspice.

This blend may also be mixed with coffee, using your desired ratio (50/50 is recommended), to reduce bitterness and caffeine.

Anna Reisz is the herbalist behind The Herbology Faerie, where she shares recipes, lore, and wisdom with a simple, hygge, folk approach. She promotes accessible herbalism for health, hobby, and personal fulfillment. When she’s not busy formulating herbal recipes in her home apothecary, Anna can usually be found outdoors with her three wildlings. Follow Anna on Instagram and Facebook at @theherbologyfaerie and

For educational purposes only.

Not intended for medical advice.

Always consult your physician.

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