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Brain Boost Tincture

Some days our brain just needs a boost. Perhaps we are feeling a bit lethargic or uninspired. As a mom, my work tends to be between very specific time frames and just the thought of a long to-do list accompanied by a short work span leads me to feeling ungrounded and even a bit anxious. Certainly not attributes to being creative and productive.

But, there are herbs to help in times like these!

Brain Boost Tincture by Flora's Feast

Brain Boost tincture is made with an herbal blend that has many layers to it. First, lets support the brain.

Rosemary is a circulatory stimulating herb with upward movement. This means it has an affinity for blood flow to the brain aiding in focus and memory retention. It also helps clear the mind and sharpen the senses.

Sage is a stimulating and tonifying herb known to cultivate wisdom and has been used to increase concentration, strengthen memory and as an ally for states of mental overwhelm or exhaustion.

As a second layer, let's activate the mind. As a non-coffee drinker, there are times when my energy level needs a bit of encouragement beyond my natural effervescence.

Adding a touch of cacao nibs offers slight levels of stimulants from caffeine and theobromine. Cacao also contains nourishing minerals that may decrease mental fatigue and increase alertness. It promotes cerebral blood flow that supports concentration and memory.

However, this stimulation cannot come at the cost of the nervous system so our third layer taps into nervines to balance the blend. Feeling calm and centered allows the imagination to flow freely rather than be bogged down by fear or doubt.

As a slight sedative, Lavender promotes a peaceful state of mind, softening the edges of worry and lightening the heart.

Tulsi is both a nervine (calms nerves) and adaptogen (helps the body adapt to stressors), so it is especially helpful when stress is getting in the way of progress and helps move through the feeling of being stuck.

Ashwagandha is a very grounding tonic herb that promotes mental clarity while balancing the effects of overwork.

Note: If you are simply looking to boost memory and attention, you might look into blending rosemary and sage with other herbs such as gotu kola, ginkgo and lemon balm.

By using these herbs in tincture form, it allows you to easily incorporate brain supporting herbs into your routine with minimal effort or take it on-the-go when the need arises. Making your own tinctures is must easier than you might think. A few simple steps and the passage of time provide you with an accessible and affordable remedy.

On its own, taking rosemary internally through tea or tincture and smelling the essential oil is a .

Tap into this idea for focused inspiration! It is a lovely ritual to awaken the mind before taking tests and important meetings or just when you need to get the creativity flowing.

Make a Brain Boost Tincture with Flora's Feast


3 tsp rosemary

3 tsp sage

2 tsp tulsi

2 tsp ashwagandha root, cut and sifted

1 tsp lavender

1 tsp cacao nibs


4oz canning jar

Pour herbs into jar. Fill the jar with vodka. Use a chopstick or knife to thoroughly mix ingredients. Cover with a lid.

Steep for 4 weeks, shaking every few days.

Strain and bottle.

For educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician. Be sure to understand any herbal contradictions.


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