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Evergreen Incense

Love the smell of that Christmas tree gracing your home? Preserve it for a later date by making herbal incense!

Evergreens are the perfect herb to use because of their high essential oil content.

If you want to make them now as gifts, use the trimmings you cut off before taking the tree inside. Alternatively, snip some branches at the end of the season as a small way to reuse it. (A cleaning vinegar is another great option).

You only need 3 ingredients and they take minimal time to make. It would be a fun sensory experience to do with children too!


2 tbsp evergreen powder

1 tsp marshmallow root powder

4 tsp water

Dry out evergreen trimmings. Grind needles into a powder.

Mix evergreen powder and marshmallow root powder.

Add water a 1/2 tsp at a time while mixing and scrunching with your fingers. Shape into cones.

Moisten your fingers and smooth the edges, ensuring everything is damp and sticking together.

Let dry for at least 24 hours.

Tip them on their sides so the bottom has a chance to dry out too.

Makes 4 cones


-If you can't find Marshmallow root already powdered, you can blend down the shredded root in a coffee grinder or Vitamix. Pull out any fibrous parts before use.

-Makko is traditionally used for incense and can be substituted, but I love the ability to use a plant that I grow or can be purchased easily at a local health food store. -This recipe can work for any plant that has high essential oils such as lavender!


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