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Fever Tea for Kiddos

It can be scary when your little one has a fever. As they move on from babyhood, it may be appropriate to begin giving toddler supportive herbs when the temperature spikes.

Lemon Balm aids in fevers by inducing mild perspiration through its diaphoretic properties. Combine that with its relaxing nervine effect and yummy flavor, it's a tea you can get your kiddo to drink. It may help ease the pain associated with a fever too. Tulsi is another nervine diaphoretic that helps the little one sweat it out and has a nice flavor. It is an immunomodulator that is helpful for viral infections. It also helps with chills, coughs and sore throats. Chamomile is another nervine diaphoretic whose mild flavor and gentle, but effective nature is a great remedy for kids. Its mild sedative properties help the child rest when they need to calm down. It helps achiness, sore throats and coughs. Elderflower is a cooling herb that promotes sweating and increases circulation which helps open the detox pathways. Yarrow aids the body in the sweating process. Its anti-inflammatory and anti microbial properties aid in secondary cold and flu symptoms while offering a bit of pain relief.

When choosing to begin dosing your child with herbs, it is imperative to do your research and determine your comfort level. M A K E 1 tsp lemon balm 1 tsp chamomile 1 tsp tulsi 1 tsp elderflower 1/2 tsp yarrow Add herbs to a tea strainer. Pour over 8oz of just boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes. Strain and serve warm. Add sweetener, if desired.

For educational purposes only.

Not intended for medical advice.

Always consult your physician.

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