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Homemade Glue with Marshmallow Root

When discussing a failed marshmallow experiment, a friend and I pondered its gooey, sticky qualities and this homemade glue was born!

I did experiment with it as a flour glue replacement for paper mache making....and it worked! You will see more projects at a later date, but for now, I wanted to share the basic recipe for crafting by yourself or with your littles.

Marshmallow is so easy to grow, that this recipe is especially exciting because zero waste, homemade, AND homegrown glue is a pretty cool concept!


1-2 tbsp powdered marshmallow root

2 tbsp water

Choose the amount of marshmallow root based on the thickness you need for your glue.

Mix together.

Use immediately.


-you can actually grow the ingredient for this glue!

-it is vegan, non toxic, gluten free and plastic free.

-it comes together in moments.

-it does not need to be cooked.

-it can be used to replace flour glue.


-store bought marshmallow powder is more expensive than all purpose flour.

-the prepared glue cannot be stored and must be used quickly as it will harden within a few hours.

-it takes longer to dry than store bought glue.


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