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How to Make a Liniment

Ginger liniment for arthritis and stiff joints by Flora's Feast

Joint and muscle pain make it quite literally difficult to move through life. A topical treatment, such as a liniment, is a great accompaniment to internal support to help you flow more smoothly.

A liniment is a liquid topical herbal remedy for pain and stiffness often corresponding with sprains, strains, sore muscles, and arthritis. To define it further, it contains a tincture-like component that offers a deeper extraction of the plant constituents and more quickly absorbs into the skin.

From there, you have lots of choices to make this potion your own:

-Tincture plants in vodka which can be consumed as well.

-Extract plants with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to be used solely as a topical application.

-With either menstruum, it can be applied it directly to the affected area...

-Or mixed with a steeped oil to offer the joint or muscle as a secondary layer of herbal action.

-Add essential oils, such as ginger, peppermint, rosemary or chamomile.

There are many herbs that correspond to stiff joints, arthritis or muscle aches. Choose based on your specific needs.

Ginger is a universal choice for the base of any blend as it is a warming stimulant that helps to bring fluid to the area, increase circulation, ease pain, and decrease inflammation. It is helpful for stiff joints, muscle aches, inflammation and back pain.

Additional options include:

St. John's wort supports pain, nerve irritations and muscle soreness.

Solomon's seal supports pain and inflammation especially from repetitive movements, with an affinity for joints. Ensure it is sustainably sourced. Willow bark supports inflammation and pain. Yarrow supports circulation, bruising, bleeding, pain and inflammation.

Arnica supports bruising and pain, with an affinity for muscles.

Cayenne is known to help with pain management by blocking transmission signals to brain.

Comfrey supports pain, inflammation and mending damaged tissue, with an affinity for bones.

Mullein supports inflammation and swelling, with an affinity for ligaments and tendons.

Menthol crystals provide a cool, numbing sensation to aid in pain.

Liniment oil for arthritis and stiff joints by Flora's Feast


This herbal blend is for stiff and inflamed joints.

2 tbsp ginger pieces, fresh or dry

2 tbsp dried Solomon seal pieces

1 tbsp dried willow bark pieces

1 tbsp dried yarrow

1/2 c vodka, organic if possible

Add herbs to a jar.

Cover with vodka.

Steep for 4 weeks, shaking every few days.

Strain and rebottle.


-If you use any other menstruum besides vodka, do not use your preparation internally.

-If you use arnica as an herb, do not use your preparation internally.

-Never use on broken skin.

-Do no use internally if you add essential oils to your tincture.

-If you choose to add the tincture to an oil, consider light bodied almond oil or highly penetrative jojoba oil for your base.


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