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Love Spell Herbal Cordial

herbal remedy

Rose Cacao Love Spell Cordial

Valentine's Day gets folks in the mood for love. It is a time to reflect on your state of affairs and perhaps add a bit more zing to the mix. Harness this energy to create a special rendezvous for the big day or carry it forward to incorporate in your love making ritual.

Herbs can support mood and energy when it comes to matters of the bedroom. Sipping on a cordial can lighten the mood, ground the body and mind and perhaps enhance the experience. Consider this an aphrodisiac tincture with a touch of sweetness. Cheers to that!

Ingredients. A cordial is essentially a tincture that has honey added to it once the herbs have been strained.

Rose helps soothe, uplift, and open the heart while calming nerves and easing worries.

Cacao stimulates energy while helping improve mood and focus.

Damiana is a warming, stimulating herb that has been used to increase libido and has an affinity for the reproductive organs.

Lemon Balm aids in soothing nervousness and gladdens the heart.

Kava Kava supports releasing mind and muscle tension to ground into the experience and remove mental barriers or anxieties.

Vanilla is an aromatic aphrodisiac that can incite arousal and calm the mind.

Cinnamon is a circulation stimulating herb that can bring blood flow to the skin. It's a warming relaxant that symbolizes love and awakens passions.

Ginger is a warming, circulatory herb that helps calm the belly and acts as a catalyst in blends to give it energy and flow.

Use. This recipe uses lots of herbs to ensure a strong extraction. To use this aphrodisiac tincture / cordial, enjoy an ounce neat, in hot chocolate or create an aphrodisiac cocktail by adding sparkling water or juice. It can be enjoyed during a romantic date night meal or before the main event.

Rose Cacao Love Spell Cordial Aphrodisiac Tincture by Flora's Feast Botanicals

Make Rose Cacao Love Spell Cordial

6 tbsp rose petals

4 tbsp cacao nibs

2 tbsp damiana

2 tbsp lemon balm

1 tbsp kava kava

Half a pod vanilla

1 stick cinnamon

1 tbsp ginger

16 oz mason jar



Add all herbs into the mason jar.

Top with vodka.

Stir with a chopstick or knife and place cover on top.

Store in a cool, dry place to steep for 4 weeks, occasionally shaking the jar.

Strain herbs through a fine mesh sieve lined with coffee filters or cheesecloth.

Add to a clean mason jar and stir in honey to your taste, up equal amounts vodka to honey ratio. Stir to combine.

Shake before use.

This cordial would pair well with a homemade love candle and whipped body butter

For educational purposes only.

Not intended for medical advice.

Always consult your physician.

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