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Meditative Midwinter Bath Soak

Imbolc Midwinter St. Brighid's Day Candlemas February 1st and 2nd Half way through the season, the spring energy begins to rise and the sun gets stronger, winter still holds its grip. Observing midwinter offers a time to cleanse stagnant energy by setting intentions for the rising spring from what we have learned through these darker days. Just like the earth, we are beginning to wake from our winter slumber. Taking a warm bath *in the dark with glowing candle light* provides space for meditation to dream of what is to come. As you soak, begin by focusing on revelations from the recent weeks (and the last year) and settle your thoughts to hopes and dreams you would like to manifest in the coming seasons.

This bath soak is filled with Imbolc correspondences. Milk to symbolize the time of year ewes begin lambing, a form of nourishment that has been missed in the darker months. Seeds represent the spark of new life and ideas. And of course, the herbs... Mugwort for dreaming Rosemary for protection Sage for clearing energy and clarity of mind Mint for vision and intuition Echinacea to be true to oneself

Lavender for a calm and meditative state of mind

Utilize this soak for anytime you wish to utilize a bath for the deep work of conceive a new path forward. M A K E 1/2 c oats 1/4 c Epsom salt 1/4 c powdered milk, dairy or coconut 1 tsp mugwort 1 tsp rosemary 1 tsp sage 1 tsp mint 1 tsp echinacea leaf 1 tsp lavender Blend all ingredients to a spice grinder. Get soaking.

N O T E S *Use entire batch in a tub or a quarter of it in a foot bath.

*If you choose to add essential oils, mix with a fat, such as milk or oil, before pouring into tub


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