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Mugwort Mini Monograph

Mugwort mini monograph by Flora's Feast Botanicals

Mini Monograph with


Artemisia vulgaris

"Mater herbarum = "mother of herbs" or "oldest of worts"

Common names include maiden's wort, crone wort, witch herb, muggons, naughty man, sailor's tobacco, old man


Antiseptic | Antispasmodic

Diaphoretic | Diuretic

Emmenagogue | Hemostatic

Nervine | Parasiticide

Stomachic | Tonic


Warm | Bitter

Aromatic | Stimulant


Traditionally used to support...

Tincture + Tea

Regulate menstrual cycle, painful, suppressed or delayed periods, cramps

Facilitate and ease pain of childbirth, afterbirth

Menopause, headache, backache, parasites, gout, rheumatism, constipation, appetite, insomnia, nervousness

Compress + Oil + Wash

Sprains, bruises, circulation, insect bites, insect repellant

For educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician. Avoid while pregnant.

Mugwort materia medica by Flora's Feast Botanicals

Folklore & Fables of


Artemisia vulgaris

He who carries Artemis on his travels will never feel weary.

French saying

The name mugwort has ties to two different tales. The plant was used in medieval brews which were served in "mugs." It also deters midges and moths or "muggia." "Wort symbolizes a healing plant."

Common names include artemisia, maiden's wort, crone wort, witch herb, sailor's tobacco, naughty man.

Ruled by Venus and the sign Pisces, its element is air.

In floriography, or Victorian Language of Flowers, mugwort signifies happiness.

Symbolism includes:







Moon energy

Mugwort is tied to the Artemis (Greek) and Diana (Roman) whom are goddesses of the moon and the wildness, and protector of women, children and birth.

St. John the Baptist wore mugwort around his waste when traveling and Pliny suggested travelers carry it as it is said to protect against the devil, wild beasts, lightning, the plague and witchcraft. It can also be hung above doors to protect against evil spirits.

Roman soldiers wrapped their feet with mugwort to give strength for the journey ahead so it has an association with the feet.

Mugwort is one of the nine sacred herbs of the Anglo Saxons.

Mugwort is the plant of dreams - vivid, prophetic, mystical. Sleep with it under your pillow and observe what appears.

Mugwort can be burned as an incense when working in the psychic realms or used to consecrate divination tools or rituals.

Mugwort crown for summer solstice by Flora's Feast Botanicals

Mugwort + Summer Solstice

The sun is high. The day is long. The plants are potent.

Midsummer is a time to connect with the magical realms and the herbs associated with it. To bestow love and blessings and deflect negativity for the days ahead.

Since it is mugwort month, let's explore its connection to the solstice.

Mugwort crowns were worn when dancing around the midsummer fire and tossed into the flames, at the end of the night, to protect the wearer from sickness and danger in the year to come. Conversely, mugwort could be worn as a belt around the hips.

Mugwort was hung on doors and windows to ward off evil spirits.

Mugwort was placed under pillows on midsummer's eve to dream of your future husband or divinate love. Alternatively, you can drink my Full Moon Milk from a few posts back as a way to elicit the prophetic powers of both the day and the plant.

While the solstice is a festival to honor the sun, it is also the first day of Cancer, the astrological sign ruled by the moon, as is mugwort.

It is said to be its most potent on the solstice, and the best time to harvest is on the day or on the full moon closest to the day.

Want to make your own mugwort crown? I foraged a bit of vines to make a simple circular base and wove a few strands of mugwort into it. It took less than 10 minutes, and voila, I was festive. Of course, you can make a much more elaborate crown with the addition of other midsummer herbs such as St. John's wort, elderflower, calendula, chamomile, linden, lavender, red clover, dandelion, and blue vervain.

Mugwort crown for summer solstice bonfire by Flora's Feast Botanicals


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