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Nettle and Mushroom Nutritive Salt

Herbalism doesn't need to live in a tea or tincture remedy. It can be layered into your daily life through the foods you eat. Herbal salts are a savory, flavorful way to incorporate nutritive plants into your diet.

Above all, nettle is nature's multivitamin. Rich in vitamins A, C and K and minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, it is especially high in iron and chlorophyll. It helps replenish what is lacking from our diet and the depleted soils our food is grown in while toning the kidneys, liver and adrenals. Plus it is safe for daily use!

I've paired nettle with the adaptogenic powers of shiitaki, chaga, and reishi for their immune and energy boosting properties. The added umami flavor is a wonderful bonus! Feel free to mix and match with your favorite mushrooms.

Garlic and onions powders add a savoriness that lends this blend to actually seasoning the foods it is served with.

Table salt is a highly processed food that is stripped of nutrients so it is not recommended for this application. Utilize a minimally processed and unrefined variety, such as pink or sea salt, with the trace minerals intact.

This multi purpose finishing salt helps get another layer of those powerhouse plants on your plate. I especially love sprinkling it over eggs, potatoes and grains with butter, but it works well on meat and vegetables too.


Nettle & Mushroom Herbal Salt

3 tbsp powdered nettle

3 tbsp sea or pink salt

3 tbsp powdered mushroom blend, see below 1/4 tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp garlic powder

Mix all ingredients.

Bottle in an air tight container.

Mushroom Blend

4 tsp powdered shiitake

3 tsp powdered chaga

2 tsp powdered reishi

Mix all ingredients.

Bottle in an air tight container.


*Serve with meals.

*Nettle, shiitake and small bits of chaga can easily be powdered in a spice grinder or Vitamix. *Reishi is a bit more difficult to grind so there will be bits of mushroom in your blend. If prefer a smooth texture, purchase it pre-powdered.

For educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.


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