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Raspberry Hibiscus Aqua Fresca

Raspberry Hibiscus Aqua Fresca by Flora's Feast Botanicals

Have you heard of the beverage Agua Fresca? It translates to "fresh waters." Popular in Mexico and Central America, it is a combination of fruit or herbs, sugar and water. When hibiscus is the plant of choice, it can be called Agua de Jamaica.

Hibiscus is a powerful antioxidant herb whose properties are best extracted through water making it a great base for teas. Hibiscus tea is cooling, astringent and high in mucilage. This combination makes for a revitalizing and refreshing beverage.

Raspberry Hibiscus Aqua Fresca with Ginger and Cinnamon by Flora's Feast Botanicals

In this blend, hibiscus' high vitamin c content offers a tart flavor similar to cranberries. The fruity sweetness of raspberries and the floral notes in honey balance the sour. Ginger and cinnamon add a hint of spice and also warmth if you are looking for an iced tea in the colder months. A squeeze of lime at the end makes it all pop.


2 1/2 c water

2 c raspberries, fresh or frozen

1/4 c hibiscus, dried

1-2 inches ginger, fresh and peeled

1/4 c honey

1/2 lime



In a sauce pan, add water, raspberries, hibiscus, ginger and cinnamon. Bring to a simmer and warm for 10 minutes.

Turn off the heat and stir in the honey. Let the mixture come to room temperature.

Blend in a blender or food processor and strain through a sieve.

Pour into two glasses. Add ice and a squeeze of lime. Serves two.

Blend it up!  Raspberry Hibiscus Aqua Fresca by Flora's Feast Botanicals

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