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Rose Petals Materia Medica

"Raises the spirits and gives sudden strength and cheerfulness" - J. Quincy, 18th century herbalist

A brief materia medica on historic uses of Rose petals

Cool l Dry l Sweet I Sour I Tridoshic

Astringent l Nervine l Vulnerary l Anti-Inflammatory l Antimicrobial I Exhilarant/Aphrodisiac

Tea I Tincture I Oil I Vinegar I Honey

Traditionally used for matters of the heart and beauty, Rose promotes moving through grief with an open heart and thorny protection and supports new cell growth making it a choice for maturing or damaged skin while offering cooling, toning properties.

Heart: HBP, circulation, palpitations

Mouth: ulcers, cankers, lax gums, sore throat

Digestion: inflammation, diarrhea, leaky gut, ulcerations, heartburn

Skin: acne, blemishes, eczema, psoriasis, burns, sunburns, weepy wounds, sores, cuts, bug bites

Mind/Spirit: broken heart, depression, anxiety, grief, sadness, trauma, quick to rise irritability, anger, frustration, agitation

Sexuality: libido, frigidity

Reproductive: cramps, heavy bleeding, uterine congestion, hot flashes, EO for sperm motility

Roses have been hybridized for beauty without prioritizing scent. This plant is heavily sprayed. Work with unsprayed wild breeds such as Rose Rugosa.

For educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.

"I will soothe you and heal you, I will bring you roses. I too have been covered with thorns." Rumi

Fables and Folklore of Rose

Rose is part of the Rosaceae family and a relative to Red Raspberry, Lady's Mantle, Meadowsweet, Hawthorn, Agrimony, Blackberry, Strawberry and Apple

Native to Asia and cultivated in Europe, Rose is thought to be 35 million years old

Known as the Queen of Flowers, the creation of Rose was attributed to Flora, the goddess of Spring and Flowers, by asking the gods to transform a beloved nymph into a flower after its death giving it life, nectar, perfume, fruit and a crown petals.

The thorns are said to grow in the stems on places Cupid's arrows missed their mark when he was shooting at bees who stung him.

Sacred to Isis, Aphrodite and Venus, Rose symbolizes love, marriage and sexuality

In the Victorian Language of Flowers, a Rose can simply mean love, romance, beauty and simplicity, but each color can signify a different definition. Interestingly, yellow originally meant infidelity and jealousy. It was likely changed to the current meaning of friendship by florists looking to sell the color.

Cleopatra famously used Rose as a strewing herb to seduce Mark Antony

Latin phrase "sub rosa" translates to "beneath the rose" and means anything exchanged under Rose was to be kept a secret

Plant Rose in your yard to enhance love and attract pollinators

Josephine Bonaparte is known as "godmother of modern rosomaniacs" as she aspired to collect all known roses of her time and had up to 250 varieties in her garden.


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