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Tree Wands: Craft for Spring, Ostara & Easter

Here is a simple, easy and nature based craft with the Maple tree. It is perfect for Springtime! It would make a lovely handmade item in children's Easter baskets or activity to do with them leading up to the holiday.

After a recent wind storm, I found a beautiful branch under one of my Maple trees that inspired me to make a wand for my toddler.

We simply screwed in an eyelet hook to one end and threaded ribbon through it. I choose Spring colors as we made it on the Equinox and in honor of the sap that is currently flowing from our Maple trees.

Trees carry their own symbolism and magic. We used our wand on that day to bless our seeds with strength and abundance for the growing season. Now every time Tilia sees the wand she blesses our seeds!

You don't have a Maple tree in your life? Check out the list below of trees and their symbolism, courtesy of Lacey over at She curates ritual boxes based on seasons, moons, and life events and a monthly witchcraft membership.

Alder: banish, clarity, guidance, intuition

Apple: beauty, beginnings, enchantment, innocence

Ash: ambition, divination, luck, power

Birch: intuition, true love, mindfulness, stability

Hawthorn: happiness, hope, luck, release

Hazel: beauty, intelligence, intuition, wishes

Holly: balance, courage, defense, strength

Magnolia: clarity, growth, purity, truth

Mesquite: abundance, compassion, determination, purification

Oak: courage, stability, strength, success

Pine: courage, creativity, endurance, hope

Rowan: authority, clairvoyance, devotion, forgiveness

Sycamore: abundance, determination, encouragement, endurance

Walnut: consecration, inspiration, transformation

Willow: adaptability, grace, grief, magic

See what tree speaks to you. Don't know how to identify trees? Put your own intentions into any stick that suits you! It's your magic you are creating!

Have fun!

xx Harmonie


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