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Hydrating Face Mask

Even with snow blanketing the ground, our skin can easily dry out from the cold wind and indoor heat. A clay-less mask with moistening herbs, such as marshmallow gives a boost to dry, winter skin.

Marshmallow is one of the first herbs to think of when seeking hydration. Tea or a cold infusion can hydrate internally while a steeped oil or other topical application such as a mask can hydrate the skin.

That's because the root contains up to 25-35% of mucilage, a viscous substance that forms a protective layer on surfaces. Marshmallow leaves also contain mucilage, but at a rate closer to 10%. Other herbs high in mucilage include slippery elm, plantain, mullein, Irish moss and licorice. Additional foods include flax, chia and okra.

In this mask, I pair marshmallow with skin soothing chamomile and oats and comfrey and calendula which aid in restoring skin.

To apply the mask I use honey, rosehip seed oil and rose hydrosol to moisten the powdered mixture. Honey is a humectant that promotes the retention of moisture. Rosehip seed oil is known to repair skin. Rose hydrosol soothes and hydrates.

You don't need frigid temperatures to enjoy this mask. Use anytime your face needs hydration. This could even be after too much sun!


2 tbsp marshmallow root, powdered

2 tbsp oats, powdered

1 tbsp comfrey, powdered

1 tbsp chamomile, powdered

1 tbsp calendula, powdered

Mix all ingredients.

Store in an air tight container.


-if powdered herbs, are unavailable, use a Vitamix or spice grinder. -this quantity makes roughly 5 masks.


3/4 tsp powdered mask mix

1/4 tsp honey

1/4 tsp rose hip seed oil

splash rose hydrosol

Mix all ingredients into a paste.

Apply to face avoiding eyes, nostrils, and mouth.

Leave on for approximately 10 minutes or until dry.

Wash off. Use a gentle circular motion for mild exfoliation. Bonus!

While your face is still damp, spritz with a facial toner and apply a face serum or moisturizer.


-Flora's Feast makes several facial toners to match your skin type, including Midwinter Facial Toner for these dry months.

Makers remark: I've loved the smooth, soft, almost plump effect my skin feels after this mask. I am excited to have the a batch of the powder made so its quick and simple to add this mask into my winter facial care routine.


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