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Women's Ally Tea

This is an excerpt from the article The Magic of Lady’s Mantle by Bec McGuire featured in the Summer Vol 3 | Issue 9 | 2024 edition of Botanical Anthology. Our herbal magazine, featuring remedies, recipes and projects with plants for the spring season, can be purchased as a digital version here and as a printed version here

Women’s Ally Tea

An ally appreciated by women, along with lady's mantle's cousins red raspberry leaf and rose petals, this blend of herbs will support menstruation. It will supply needed nutrients through the use of nettle, nurture through linden and collectively help balance hormones and emotions and act as antispasmodic to support the uterus. It is a blend to be used in ritual at this time. 



½ c lady's mantle

½ c nettle

¼ c raspberry leaf

¼ c rose petals

¼ c linden 


Blend herbs in a large bowl, label and store in a jar until needed. 

To make tea, place 4 tablespoons of the herbal blend in a teapot and cover with 4 cups of just boiled water. Cover and steep overnight.  

Strain, add sweetener and drink throughout the day as needed. 


It is safe for most people but not generally recommended during pregnancy until the birthing process starts. 

Bec is a radical herbalist, eco/bio-logist, farmer and mother living on Thaua country, Yuin Nation, NSW, Australia. She runs an off-grid permaculture farm and works out of her hand-built cob apothecary. She runs a CSH (community supported herbalism) box now in its 6th year. Growing and making high quality plant medicine have been a passion and focus for almost two decades. Connect with her on IG wildwoodslane_apothecary or

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