Plant Wonder Collective 2022 calendar is a beautiful culmination of our year's work taking a closer look at plants we love.


Plant Wonder Collective is a group of creators, plant lovers, gardeners, crafters, bakers, and wise women on a mission to encourage and incite others to deepen their connection to nature by collectively sharing inspired ideas and unique morsels of knowledge.


This calendar is merely a sample of our recipes, lessons, crafts, and more. Each month we have a plant of the month where we take a deep dive to learn about our selected herb to find new inspirations and ways to use it.


To learn more about plant properties and how to utilize the plants in your recipes, crafts, and art, please visit our Highlights on our Instagram page! Come follow our page on Instagram @PlantWonderCollective, and join in with the hashtag #plantwondercollective. This year will bring us a whole new lineup of powerful herbs worth learning about!


Our hope is that you will print this calendar to use for yourself or to give as a gift! As the purchaser, you can print and gift as long as:

-You do not make changes to our