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What is Flora's Feast?


A celebration of flowers and herbal traditions your skin will eat up! Flora's Feast is a handmade botanical skin care line created by this mama in her kitchen and backyard homestead. Inspired by Flora, the goddess of flowers and celebrating the history of this craft, my products are made using time honored methods to create sustainable, whole plant products with herbs I grow or forage.  Feed your skin plant magic! 

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What do I make?


I was so pleased with the products I created for my own pregnancy, birth, postpartum and baby care that I decided to make a 10 year dream come true and launched Flora's Feast.  After spending many hours reading herbal books while my infant contentedly napped in my arms, I refined my formulas and a company was born!   Launched in the late winter of 2020, I soon found myself without childcare due to the pandemic.  I paused on publishing the website and back to the kitchen I went to create additional products for women's self care, facial care and wellbeing round out the line.  


I believe in the art and science of herbalism, relying on both my intuition and education to formulate my blends.  Sustainability and transparency are at the forefront of my ethos.  Starting with organic seed when possible and utilizing many perennial or self-seeding plants, my gardens do not get sprayed, but rather rely on the sun, rain and compost for healthy growth.    My products are chock full of herbs I grow or forage, slowly steeped into a base of organic oil or witch hazel and often blended with local beeswax and emollient butters.   They are packaged in reusable and recyclable glass or tin containers allowing you to peek at what’s inside.  They are wrapped in plant dyed stripes of cloth, tied with hemp twine and sealed with a plant.   Now they are ready to be shipped to you!  

Who is the Maker?


I'm Harmonie, the gal behind Flora's Feast. A native New Englander, I now reside in Western Massachusetts with my husband, daughter, cat and dog and chickens on a 1.5 acre suburban homestead. My herbal products are the result of a ten year learning journey that began with an apprenticeship at the Boston School of Herbal Studies followed by courses in aromatherapy and palmistry.  Devoting my prebaby professional career to selling and marketing organic food, I have a passion for agriculture, homesteading, cooking and canning.   Follow along as I explore and share the natural lifestyle choices we make for our bodies and in our home. 

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