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Vanilla Mini Monograph

Vanilla Monograph by Flora's Feast Botanicals

Vanilla planifolia

Seed pod

Aromatic | Stimulant

Aphrodisiac | Carminative

Vanilla is known to support sexual arousal, ease bloating, and reduce stress while calming the mind. It is used in skincare to aid in irritations and fine lines.

Native to Mexico, vanilla is largely cultivated in Madagascar and Tahiti.

Vanilla is a tropical, flowering orchid that vines itself up trees in the forest.

Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world due to its need for hand pollination. A particular type of Mexican bee pollinated it in its native climate. Once plants were exported, they did not bear seed pods. An enslaved boy working on a plantation owned by the French invented a hand pollination technique allowing it to be cultivated.

Flowers bloom once a year, for only a portion of one day, usually early morning to early afternoon. Pods take up to six weeks to develop and up to nine months to mature. An extensive curing process creates the vanilla pods we use.

Totonas legend says vanilla is the soul of a princess and prince whose forbidden love ended in their beheading.

Ruled by Jupiter, its element is fire.

Symbolism includes:





Aztecs were first to pair cacao with vanilla (and corn and chili) in a drink called chocolatl. This has evolved over time to create hot chocolate.

Thomas Jefferson introduced vanilla to America in the late 1700s after enjoying flavored ice cream during a diplomatic stint in France.

Vanillin is one of hundreds of compounds within vanilla but is largely responsible for its flavor. Imitation Vanilla is an artificial compound to replicate vanillin. Now, 98+ % of vanilla flavoring in commercially produced goods is imitation.

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