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Yoni Steam Blend

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Yoni Steam

Herbal Yoni Steam by Flora's Feast Botanicals

Yoni steaming, also called v-steaming, uses a similar process to steaming your face, but instead it is your lady parts! You sit over a warm bowl of herbal tea and cover your lap with a towel to trap the heat.

Yoni steaming is known to aid in relaxation, may nourish the tissue, encourage circulation, and support various reproductive challenges, such as cramps, irregular periods, infections, postpartum and hemorrhoids. The volatile oils of the plants work their magic through the direct delivery of steam to the vaginal tissue.

There are specialized chairs and inserts designed for yoni steaming, such as here, here and here, but you can simply hover over a bowl by leaning against the couch. Check out this video for ideas.

To keep yoni steaming safe always test the temperature of the steam with your hand before sitting over the bowl and be sure to work with plants that do not have contradictions for your body.

This blend is of the general variety, to get you started, but you can further customize it to support specific ailments.

Mugwort aids in balancing the cycle, supports pain and helps ease cramps.

Chamomile helps soothe and relax muscles and vaginal tissue. Calendula has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and vulnerary properties. Red raspberry leaf helps tone and relax the pelvic floor and uterine muscles. Damiana promotes circulation and may increase libido.

Marshmallow leaf aids in moisturization. Yoni steaming is a radical and empowering form of self care for the female body.

Yoni Steam with Herbs by Flora's Feast Botanicals

M A K E Herb Blend 3/4 c mugwort 1/4 c chamomile 1/4 c red raspberry leaf 1/4 c calendula 1/4 c damiana

1/4 c marshmallow leaf Blend herbs in a bowl. Transfer to a jar for storage. Makes enough for 6 steams. M A K E Yoni Steam 1/3 c herbal blend 4 c water Bring water to an almost boil. Turn off heat. Add herbs to a bowl. Pour water over the herbs. Choose your position for steaming. Using your hand at the distance of where your body would be to the bowl, verify the steam is at a safe temperature. Steam for about 15 minutes, or as long as you feel comfortable. N O T E S Test the temperature of the steam with your hand before sitting over a bowl. Due to mugwort's emmenagogue properties, if you have short cycles, this might not be the plant for you. Do not steam if you are pregnant, bleeding, post surgery, have open wounds, use certain types of contraceptive or have serious gynecological conditions. For educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.

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