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Utilize supportive herbs and folk remedies to complement your winter wellness self care or in times of acute illness.


In this collection, you will find these great ideas for your apothecary.

Thyme Oxymel

Herbal Bone Broth

Fermented Garlic Honey

Immune Syrup

Hot Toddy

Hydrating Tea

Throat Drops

Sage Gargle

Throat Spray

Thyme Steam

Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Cleansing Smoke Stick


Download and dive right in! 

Note: this is a digital download and you will not be receiving a physical product.

Please download on a computer due to the size of the download.  Returns are not given on digital products.


This document is for educational purposes only.

Not intended for medical advice.

Always consult your physician.


Sourcing herbs:

-Search for a local natural foods store or food coop as they are likely to have a bulk section where you can choose the size to purchase.

-Mountain Rose Herbs, Oregon Wild Harvest & Starwest Botanicals sells herbs in 4oz and 1lb bags.  Frontier Coop sells 1lb bags.

-Find an herb farm near you.

Herbal Winter Wellness Collection