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Heartache Tea

From the loss of a loved one to a difficult break-up, lean on gently loving herbs when your heart aches.

Recently a friend unexpectedly lost her husband at a young age. She is now having to envision a new future for her and her daughter while processing her grief. Of course plants are where I feel I can best support her. To accompany a soothing lavender and chamomile bath soak, I created Heartache Tea.

This blend is to move through the shock of unexpected trauma, encourages relaxing the grip around ones heart to process sorrow, grounds the nervous system, and aids in relaxation especially for sleep.

Below are listed plants appropriate for grief. Mix and match based on your needs.

Rose is a cooling herb for inflamed feelings such as hurt and anger. It can ease tension allowing the heart to open to process grief. When you've lost your self worth in mourning, it encourages self love to uplift you as you prepare for life ahead.

Tulsi is both a nervine and adaptogen helping to dismantle stress and soften shock while adapting to an unexpected change. It's also helpful with PTSD.

Lemon Balm comforts the heart and supports insomnia when worry or heartache keeps you up at night.

Oatstraw is a wonderful nourisher to a taxed nervous system.

Skullcap is a powerful nervine that disrupts the cycle of obsessive thinking especially to get a good nights rest.

Lavender is a slight sedative that lightens the heart while offering reassurance.

Violet flowers aid in releasing grief, quieting the mind and cooling strained nerves.

A lighter bodied tea for a lighter heart, this blend would pair well with white or green tea should you like a caffeine element.


Tea Blend

4 tbsp rose petals

3 tbsp tulsi

2 tbsp lemon balm

2 tbsp oatstraw

1 tbsp skullcap

Mix all herbs in a bowl.


Store in cool, dry place.

Cup of Tea

4 tsp tea

8-12 oz water

Boil Water.

Place herbs in mesh strainer or tea bag.

Add herbs to mug and cover with water.

Steep for 15-20 minutes

N O T E S *This batch makes 7 tea bags if you would like to prepare ahead of time or prepackage as a gift.

For educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.


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